Private Pilot License

The aim of this program is training on single engine aircraft for beginners, flying under visual flight rules (VFR), during the day.
The program consists of 45 flight hours. Written exams will need to be taken for 9 subjects of PPL license, for which there is a ground school, as well as the skills test at the end of the program.

Our two bases are Arachthos Airport – Captain (I) Balatsoukas and Megara Airport. Training flights for students from northwest Greece take place at Aktion Airport at Preveza, after the approval of the GAS of Hellenic Air Force , as well as at Arachthos Airport. Training for students of Attica take place at Megara (LGMG). The maintenance of our aircrafts is authorized by FAS company, located in Megara Airport.

PPL Requirements:

logo gia training Minimum age of 16 years

logo gia training English language adequancy

logo gia training Aviation Medical Class 2

Ground School:

logo gia training Theoretical knowledge for PPL consists of 9 subjects

logo gia training Ground school for PPL students can be obtained in-house by our instructors or you can take advantage of our distance learning program

logo gia training Duration: 3 weeks

Flight Training:

logo gia training 35 hours single engine dual flights

logo gia training 10 hours single engine solo flights

* Duration of the course depends on the discretion of the student


Ground School: 500€

Flight Training: 7650€ (170€/hour)

Not included in the above prices:

Cost of the medical certificate from an authorized AME (150€)

HCAA handling costs

Αviation English Language Profiency Test (210€)

Check flight with HCAA examiner