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  2. Canadian climber Greg Hill has been in our local media following Manaslu as he was in camp when the avalanche hit. Concerned about the exposure, his group set up their tents in an isolated but more protected area and were spared. After describing the rescue efforts, he made clear the unspoken code of mountaineering when it comes to risk…mind your own business! However, he also broke down frequently and was visibly affected with PTSD having had people die in his arms. I don’t really have a point except to acknowledge the survivors of these mountaineering mishaps.

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  4. Muchas gracias por las palabras, Cris!! ^-^ La ilovekutchi shop fue creada y pensada para ser y hacer felices a grandes y pequeños… y es un verdadero placer ver como la han acojido no solo en el barrio como también en el mundo ‘online’. Um gran besito <3

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  8. Well done using up the Spinnaker fabrics. The North Pole quilt is lovely, and the Elf Pond makes me feel a bit like Christmas already. I hope it will bring lots of £ for Laura's charity.

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  22. Uh tells the truth here. I would only add that the world post 9/11 has problems with traditional superheroes of a pre-terror environment. Iron Man works, Wonder Woman is trite and its themes are unrealistic. Batman may continue for another picture or two, but Superman will flop and Spiderman is in real limbo. If those franchises continue, it will be because they’ve pulverized their audiences with spectacle, something television can’t do. It’s a character medium and in this case, there’s little that’s modern about Wonder Woman.

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  34. Clot-I get the sense from the article that this kid went on a spending spree with little regard for his future. He’s an east coast guy that went to a vacation law school and now he’s mad at the school. According to the article, he is employed and living for free. I feel for those that are stuck, but this guy seems to be most responsible for his problems.

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  52. Wow, Mike. That is one amazing event. I wish one day I get to see something like that in person. So much truth in these, “It never ceases to amaze me how the silence brings on thoughts of respect, sacrifice and that our family is OK. You forget about the negativity on the news and just let the light and sound sooth the soul.” Just beautiful words drifting straight to one’s heart ….Thank you. Best wishes to you and your family.

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  85. Tax the rich? Right now that’s anybody making over $250K. Tomorrow it might be anybody making $150K or $75K. But what divine dispensation has given Democrats the right to define what “rich” is? And what part of the US Constitution do they believe gives them the right to confiscate anybody’s earnings or property? These are followers of an alien philosophy–Marxism–and if they’re not soon drummed from power, American freedom will go the way of the dinosaur.

  86. Sherry, this is the quote of the year. Spot-on, drop-dead accurate: Unfortunately, in making sure that government didn’t work, they seem also to have proved that the market doesn’t work either. Bravo! This may get awfully ugly before we get any sight of better.

  87. Yeah but in a comic book/comic book movie you can never say for certain if anyone is REALLY alive or dead. Here’s betting all of them appear again in the sequel as villians, out for revenge, motivated by how their lives were carelessly thrown away to develop Tony Stark’s backstory.

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  90. Wow! Loved this interview. I have a son that went through OCD therapy and it is sort of what the therapist taught him… He has to talk back to his OCD MONSTER (as he calls it) and in reality it is “Facing his fear”. Telling the OCD MONSTER that he doesn’t need to listen to his stuff and he will make up his own mind… and “what is the worse thing that can happen” WOW… you put this so clearly (again) for me… Thanks!![]

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  160. How lame are we as a country that the only way show support for our veterans, especially the injured ones, is for a company to make a special uniform that we watch players wear on TV? Could anything require any less effort from Americans and would it be done if profit wasn’t involved? God bless our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen. I’m sorry I don’t mean to be a drag, but something about this just rubs me the wrong way but if it makes a wounded warrior feel better, then I’m for it. BTW, ugly. Is everybody trying to out ugly the Ducks???

  161. Cas has just been sat on a bouncy exercise ball in my room, discussing bees with wearing shades and offering blue pills and red pills. The strangest thing about that? It doesn’t even make it into the top 10 of our weirdest conversations.

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  163. Just rode the Jurassic Park ride, Harry Potter, and The Revenge of the Mummy last week. Loved it all especially the Mummy, woah! This diet sounds doable; I’ve been eating salmon, veggies, and berries for three days; detoxing after vacation.

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  165. Regarding teacher-student relationships, what do people here think about the following situations:Adult professor and young adult student at a college/university when the couple involved are (1) in the same department, (2) the same faculty, (3) the same university? If the prof doesn’t teach the student and is unlikely to have any influence over their grades I think the law and the college/university government should stay out of it. But what if there is a student-teacher relationship, or the prof could influence the student’s grades?  Miles_Teg

  166. to him, "then you have to teach him how to ask for things that don't belong to him and not just take them". I have been in his shoes and I tell Kalissa INSTANTLY that the toy isn't hers and to give it back and that she can ASK to play with it. Home training starts at HOME. sheesh! Sooo ummm…what did YOU say? 🙂

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